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April 10, 2010


Barb Henderson

This is so sad, but I think it points to the fact that international adoption is not the answer in every case. This child presumably had a tumultuous early childhood, past trauma and more loss already than I would wish on my worst enemy. To lose the security of home land and all that is familiar seems to have created more emotional and psychological difficulties than any seven year old should have to face. It's hard to believe there was not another family member, or adoptive home in Russia. Or perhaps this child was truly abandoned by his country and society as well. I would wish for an Orphan Home where Christ is magnified before sending him overseas without Christ!

peacebringer (Tim Blake

Paul, there are a couple of likely pretty significant problems this child faced. Given the level of alcohol in birth family that child may have a severe Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The other potential issue if there is severe early neglect and abuse is that of reactive attachment disorder. This would make even the most loving family have difficulty reaching the child. It is not really a matter of "where" but how injured the poor child is and the attachment issues result in continued hurt as the child becomes more and more self-focused. It is a real risk for any adoptive child and I really wonder how prepared adoptive families either local or at large are prepared to deal with such possibilities.


what a great work to adopt a child. this article have great information to include the people to adopt the child

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